About us

Yaskawa-Motoman industrial robots are the products of the Robotics Division from Yaskawa Electric Corporation. Since 1977, when the first industrial robot was produced. About 300 000 industrial robots were installed all over the world, so in this way the company became one of the leaders among robot manufacturers. Developments are trendsetters in robotics, especially in arc welding, resistance spot welding, painting, picking-packing-palletizing, its dual-arm humanoid robot with 15 axes, was the first humanoid robot application in the manufacturing industry.

The well-known expression of ,,mechatronics” was  introduced and patented by Yaskawa. 

Due to the rapid and competent developments in arc welding, Yaskawa became world market leader in this application during last decades. The company’s turnkey welding systems meet all demands of customers: technical parameters, reliability, short time of delivery and returning time, this is why they became really popular in manufacturing industry.

The first Hungarian sales took place in the mid of ‘80s. Afterwards in 2012, we shot a short video about this welding robot, which was in manufacturing since 25 years. 

The present leader, and owner of the domestic agency joined to the Yaskawa-Motoman’s Hungarian professional work in 1990. Flexman Robotics Kft, the unique Hungarian partner of Yaskawa’s robotics division, which is also well-known as Motoman, helps the work of its partners and customers with selling industrial robots, robot systems, and offering services in robotics.

In connection to flexible automatization, we have two additional fields of activity:

We also put emphasis on education part like it is one of our provinces. The company has been accredited in 2011 by NSZFI, as an adult education institute. We give up-to-date information about robotics in form of theoretical and practical lessons in good conditions, according to the client’s requests.